There are three types of membership available with the COOP:

Fuel Purchasing Membership -The Fuel Purchasing Membership allows you to participate in all activities of the COOP and purchase Biodiesel

Friends of Baltimore Biodiesel Membership - The Friends of Baltimore Biodiesel Membership allows you to participate in all the activities of the COOP except purchasing Biodiesel. This is primarily for people who want to contribute to the COOP but do not have a diesel vehicle

Trial Membership - A Trial Membership costs nothing and allows you to buy biodiesel, though at an additional $0.75/b over the full-member price. This type of membership does not allow you to vote on COOP decisions.

What does Membership exactly "mean?" - Do I own anything after I join?

The Baltimore Biodiesel COOP is not a traditional cooperative though we follow many "cooperative-like" activities. We are a non-profit organization. Membership allows to volunteer for committees and pumping duty. You can also vote on major decisions and the future of the COOP. We encourage all members to volunteer on one of our committees

How Much Does It Cost?

Fuel Purchasing Membership cost a $100.00. Of that amount, $30.00 is an annual fee that helps support the overhead of the coop and $70.00 is a one-time application fee.

Friends of Baltimore Biodiesel Memberships cost $30.00 annual fee. However as mentioned above this membership is limited in that you cannot purchase fuel.

Trial Memberships: There is no membership fee, but fuel costs $0.75/b more than the full-member price. This membership is limited in that you cannot vote on COOP decisions.

How do I pay?

You can buy a full membership, or register as a trial member at any of our bio-stations (e.g. Mill Valley Garden Center and Farmers Market- View Map). You can also send in your application along with a check to:

Baltimore Biodiesel
ATTN: Baltimore Biodiesel Membership
210 E Churchill Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Please make checks payable to Baltimore Biodiesel

How do I join?

  • Review our BYLAWS
  • Pay the membership dues
  • Sign up on the email list

By Laws

Membership Application

Download and fill out the application