Baltimore Biodiesel Cooperative

Welcome to the website of the Baltimore Biodiesel Co-op.

We are a non-profit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland, dedicated to the promotion and sale of environmentally sustainable biodiesel fuel.

We currently operate the only biodiesel fueling station (or bio-station) in the city of Baltimore. Our first bio-station is located on the property of the Mill Valley General Store. Our second bio-station, which is the world's first solar-powered automated biodiesel station, was officially launched October 16th, 2010 at Merriweather Post Pavilion. All of our bio-stations provide on-site service for diesel cars, trucks, boats, and tour buses. Please note that we do not deliver biodiesel.

Retail Sales

Our kiosks do not support retail sales because they do not use NTEP-approved devices. Instead, we allow fuel sales to our members only, and we dispense our fuel in "b-gals".

  What is a b-gal?

  • Its a unit of volume for biodiesel and biodiesel blends that we came up with.
  • Its not an abbreviation or an acronym, and its not derived from or related to any other unit of measure.
  • Its right around a US gallon, give or take.
  • Its single letter abbreviation is 'b', so you might see a price per b-gal as $1.23/b.
  • It keeps Weights and Measures out of our private, members-only fuel distribution system, where it doesn't belong in the first place.
  • In an equal-ownership fuel distribution coop, what matters more is that everyone uses the same measurement when distributing fuel, not what that measurement is, precisely.


BBD9000 self-service kiosks and coop management software

Do you want to start your own biodiesel coop? Have a coop but want members to pump their own fuel and pay with their own credit cards? The technology we developed to let our own coop members do this is a Free, Open Hardware/Open Source project now hosted at GitHub. Together with other coops, we are developing this into a turn-key solution. More information on this system is available on our BBD9000 site.


We are a membership organization and a community of biodiesel consumers. We encourage anyone interested in biodiesel, regardless experience or expertise, to join us as a member. You can buy a full membership or register as a trial member right at our bio-stations.

Membership offers you: Become a Member

  • Access to high quality biodiesel at a competitive price
  • Access to a community of people in Baltimore and surrounding area who are also interested in biodiesel
  • The opportunity to participate in decisions affecting alternative fuel in Baltimore City and the State of Maryland
  • The opportunity to volunteer for our outstanding committees to participate in the management and growth of the biodiesel cooperative
  • The chance to make a positive difference in the community you live, work and play

How to use the Pump. Its easy!


Yahoo Group:

We manage a YAHOO GROUP and database for anyone interested in using biodiesel. These services are open to anyone, even if they are not a member of the organization.











Carbon Tracker

    tons of CO2 displaced by our members since 2008-05-28

Mill Valley General Store


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Fuel Available: 40 b-gal.
ASTM 6751 Certified B80.


24/7 access at all our locations!

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*** Please Note: "trial" members pay $0.75 additional per b-gal

We have monthly Question and Answer Sessions on the first Sunday of every month. Please see the calendar for further information on times.


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Baltimore Biodiesel is a partner of the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance